The appearance of tables in your restaurant is just as important as the specialties you serve on them.

From the staff that welcomes your guests upon arrival to table appearance and your kitchen's specialties – these are all an important aspect of your restaurant's culture and identity. Clean and fresh table linens as well as kitchen linens and clothing of your staff have to be flawless in order to provide a lasting impression and a maximum guests' satisfaction. 

Contact us if you want to hire table linen, kitchen linen or work clothes for your staff. 

Leave the laundry and the logistics to us, while you focus on your guests' satisfaction. 

You never get a second chance to make a great first impression.

Table linens

Clean and fresh table linens contribute to the pleasant atmosphere and a positive experience of your guests.

Quality materials, long-lasting colors and cleanliness greatly affect the impression you leave on your restaurant's guests.

That is why you can ask us to maintain or rent:

  • starched white cotton tablecloths, table toppers, table runners and napkins
  • tablecloths, table toppers, table runners and napkins in various colors
  • banquet tablecloths for weddings and other occasions
  • waiter napkins
Kitchen linens

Kitchen hygiene has to be the top priority.

The kitchen in your restaurant is a place that requires great attention and organization so it has to meet specific quality and safety criteria. Here, the hygiene is the top priority, so maintenance of surfaces and dishes for food preparation are of extraordinary importance.

Frequent cloth replacement is essential but it should not inflict additional costs. For our clients we have prepared a wide range of kitchen linens and textiles, from glass cloths to dish cloths with wide application and towels.