Quality Assurance

We are driven by tradition and technology.

Long-standing experience, qualified personnel, continuous investments in modern technology make TH Praonica plants in Zadar and Dubrovnik (Zvekovica) the leading facilities of this kind in Croatia.

Besides the core task of laundry maintenance and transport, our professional portfolio includes rental services of exceptional-quality laundry, work clothing and other products for hotels, restaurants, medical institutions and retirement homes, manufacturing industry, craft businesses and individuals.

Furthermore, you can hire us for cleaning and replacing the mats at the entrance to your business premises.

We are proud of our high-quality service and environmental care.

In our laundry facility, we process, wash, iron and maintain textile and maximize its lifetime with minimal environmental impact.

Our business system has been certified by DQS, one of the world's leading certification companies based in Frankfurt, which awarded us the internationally recognized ISO 9001 (Quality Management System) and ISO 140001 (Environmental Management System) standards.

Maintaining your laundry is our absolute priority.

Individual approach, competences and professionalism of our employees are additional features which will keep you coming back to us.

Contact us without hesitation and ask us to present ourselves in person.

We wash for you

Technical equipment

We have the capacity to process up to 60.000 kg of laundry per day.

TH Praonica Zadar is equipped with the most sophisticated machines from Kannegiesser GmbH, the world's leading equipment manufacturer, which include:

  • Tunnel washing system with 2 tunnel machines (2000 kg/h), 2 presses and 8 tunnel finishers
  • 4 classic washing machines, medico service
  • 7 classic dryers
  • 4 ironers with feeding and folding machines
  • 2 towel folding machines
  • 3 ironers for uniforms
  • 1 laundry packing machine

TH Praonica Dubrovnik, also equipped with technology provided by Kannegiesser GmbH, disposes of:

  • Tunnel washing system with 2 tunnel machines (2000 kg/h), 2 presses and 7 tunnel finishers
  • 5 classic washing machines
  • 1 classic dryer
  • 4 ironers with feeding and folding machines
  • 2 towel folding machines
  • 1 ironer for uniforms
  • 1 laundry packing machine
Washing technology and ecology

We are proud of our high-quality service and environmental care.

The capacity of TH Praonica Zadar and TH Praonica Dubrovnik supports the processing of up to 60.000 kg of laundry per day. At the same time, washing, ironing and maintenance that maximize textile lifetime are done with minimal environmental impact.

We comply to modern environmental and hygiene standards by introducing cutting-edge technology and methods of laundry maintenance which can be seen in:

  • application of thermal and chemical disinfection processes
  • system of washing with liquid detergents
  • usage of non-phosphorous laundry detergents
  • wastewater neutralization
  • cooperation with the Institute of Public Health in wastewater control

Furthermore, at our laundry facility in Zadar (TH Praonica Zadar) we use sanitary partitions which completely separate the reception, laundry room, drying room as well as packing- and shipping room. That is how we additionally improve our high quality of textile maintenance.

We are proud of our international certificates.

As a confirmation of success in quality management and environmental protection, we are proud to show certificates ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 that our laundry facility in Zadar (TH Praonica Zadar) was awarded in 2013 by Bureau Veritas Certification Holding SAS - UK.

History of TH Praonica

From a distinguished classical laundry to technologically modernized laundry facilities in Zadar and Dubrovnik .

In 1970, reputable tourism company Touristhotel d.o.o. opened its first laundry maintenance facility in Zadar region. With the development of tourism and tourist capacities around Zadar, there was also a demand for a modern high-capacity laundry to meet the needs of the region.

In the last 50 years, our laundry worked with no interruptions providing its services to numerous hotels, hospitals and tourist resorts in the whole region. By continuously modernizing our machines and laundry maintenance technology, as well as investing in employee education, we have preserved and improved the reputation we inherited.

In the summer of 2003, TH Praonica Zadar moved to a new facility equipped with cutting-edge machines and only one year later, a new tunnel washing system using the latest laundry care technology, was put into operation.

The next significant moment in the development of TH Praonica is the acquisition of Plat laundry facility located in Plat near Dubrovnik. Under the name TH Praonica Dubrovnik, this laundry facility has since 2016 become an important member of the large Turisthotel family. In 2019, TH Praonica Dubrovnik has moved from Plat to a new location in Zvekovica near Cavtat. This new facility equipped with the most sophisticated technology allowed us not only to increase our capacities but to further improve the quality of our service.

We follow trends and invest in new services.

By following global trends, TH Praonica was among the first companies in Croatia to offer laundry rental service to our clients. Our wide variety of high-quality laundry enables us to provide a comprehensive service tailored to wishes and needs of each client.