Health care

Our primary goal is to meet the high standards of hygiene and service quality.

We have been maintaining and renting everything, from bed linens and terry laundry in hospitals and other institutions, to kitchen linens in their kitchens and work wear for their staff for years.

While you focus on your patients' and proteges' health we take care of the logistics and laundry maintenance. 

Hygiene is two thirds of health.

Ward laundry

We are driven by latest technology and high environmental standards.

We offer sets of bed linens made of high-quality textile adjusted to the needs of specific wards in hospitals and other caregiving institutions. The latest washing technology and continuous energy consumption control provide maximum efficiency and extraordinary environmental and hygiene standards.

Surgical linens

Regular inspections of the surgical linens maintenance processes are our daily priorities.

We deliver disinfected and hermetically sealed laundry sets ready for surgeries so your medical teams can do their job with ease.